The Perfect Industry for Up and Comers

Depending on how far along into your fitness modeling career you are, you have probably realized that getting paid gigs as a fitness model, is not as easy as you thought it would be. It probably seems like there is so much competition out there and so few paid gigs to share. In actuality this is not the case. While you may not be on the cover of “Men’s Fitness” just yet, there are plenty of opportunities out there for you to make some money doing what you love.

The Romance Novel industry is an extremely promising industry, with endless opportunities for both male and female fitness models. This industry has an extremely loyal and passionate fan base. The best part of this industry is that it has become full of independent authors looking for cover models. The Romance Novel industry is ever increasing with popularity as more and more people find themselves reading and enjoying these edgier novels.

If you have ever seen a Romance novel, the cover will usually be a dead give away. Most likely there is a male and a female engaged (semi-sexually) on the front cover. Some covers are done using only one model, depending on what kind of novel it is. The models on the front cover of a Romance Novel usually represent the main character or characters of the book. The models’ physique is usually the most important part of cover. Authors like to leave as much to the readers’ imagination as possible. So it is not uncommon for faces to be hidden or unseen.

There are hundreds of Romance Novel authors out there, all looking for the next big cover model. And the number of authors continues to grow. Most authors are willing to pay top-dollar to ensure they have the perfect cover for their novel. Payment for a cover shoot ranges depending on the author and the book series; but you can usually count on it paying you between $200-$1000 per cover. Any author, whether amateur or professional, is going to need a model for their cover. It is up to you to go out and find them!

Do not fret if you are unable to locate an author who is wiling to pay you for your services. Go out and do a cover for free. This way you are truly a “Cover model”, and having that experience alone can often be enough to help you land some paid gigs as a “cover model” in the future.

So if you find yourself worried about finding paid gigs, worry no more. There is a whole industry out there waiting to pay you for your modeling services! Go out there and land some Romance novel covers!







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